• Fast and powerful

    Software protection

    Most compilers supported: Delphi (include Delphi 10 Seattle), Visual Basic 5.0/6.0, Visual C++ and QT framework 4.8/5.3.read more

    DotFix NiceProtect Software protection
  • Flexible options

    Protection and obfuscation

    Select preffered virtualization, obfuscation and packing options. Each option can be tuned. read more

    DotFix NiceProtect Flexible options
  • Powerfull and simple

    Virtualization in one click

    Protect your code against decompilation and reversing. read more

    DotFix NiceProtect Powerfull and simple
  • Each step is clear

    Look and protect

    Look to original code before protection and see how it can be virtualized. read more

    DotFix NiceProtect Each step is pure
  • Additional options

    Anti-tracing and Startup Message

    Tune error message for anti-tracing feature and edit startup message if you provide DEMO version to the customers. read more

    DotFix NiceProtect Additional options
  • All steps of protection can be explored

    Documented each step!

    Each step of virtualizing, obfuscating and tagganting will saved and can be analyzed. read more

    DotFix NiceProtect All steps of protection can be explored
DotFix NiceProtect Software protection DotFix NiceProtect Flexible options DotFix NiceProtect Powerfull and simple DotFix NiceProtect Each step is pure DotFix NiceProtect Additional options DotFix NiceProtect All steps of protection can be explored

About Us

DotFix Software provides perfect solutions for software protection and source code recovery.

We develop decompilers, disassemblers and software protection solutions for more than a decade. The latest version of the DotFix NiceProtect supports the unique obfuscation algorithms and technics for Delphi and Visual Basic applications, code virtualization and packing features for most modern frameworks and compilers.

We have a lot of knowledge in decompilation of Delphi and Visual Basic code and can provide better solutions to protect it.

DotFix NiceProtect supports Windows XP/Vista/7/8.1/10 and most Native Code compilers: Visual C++, Delphi 10.x (Seattle, Berlin, Tokyo), Free Pascal (Lazarus), QT 4.x/5.x and Visual Basic 6.0. contact us

Customer's say

Eugene Jusasov
CEO at JetDevice

Nice software protection platform. Works fast and has strong protection for our Delphi solutions.

Mike Petrichenko
CEO at Soft Service Company

We are in touch with DotFix Software for a probably past 6 years and use their NiceProtect to protect our software. The Protector shown great result against hackers attacks and saves us a lot of money and hairs since no one our software product, protected by the NiceProtect, was cracked or modified somehow else. I do recommend the Protector to anyone who develops public software and want to be saving from pirates.