Code Protection

DotFix NiceProtect support perfect features: DotFix Morphing(tm) and DotFix Virtualization(tm). This is an unique solutions wich can protect your code from decompilation and analyzing. How to use that? It is very easy. All you must to do is just enable the MAP file generation in your compiler's settings and rebuild your application. After you have done that just open new generated EXE file using DotFix NiceProtect and you will see all functions your project having by selecting Virtualize tab.

Now mark the functions you want to protect.

DotFix NiceProtect Virtualize Functions

Note that single mouse click will mark the function for protection and double-click will open the disassembler window.

DotFix NiceProtect Disassembler

DotFix NiceProtect also have the unique possibility - you can watch in disassembler not only the original source code but also the result code after morphing and virtualization. For this you need to switch on the Virtualized option in disassembler.

DotFix NiceProtect Virtualize Options

Note that each switching between the original and virtualized codes will change the virtualized variant because the metamorphing engine contains powerful generator of polymorphous instructions and cycles generated differently each time to complicate the code analysis.

DotFix NiceProtect Disassembler 2

Functions virtualization is very useful for protection from the decompiling. It is strongly recommended to protect the critical VCL functions in Delphi, because they directly present in EXE file and decompilers search them by signatures.

Advice: If you are protecting the functions not from the decompiling but from the analysis, we recommend you to use markers from SDK, because the DotFix NiceProtect protects not the whole function but only the limited number of commands from its beginning (till the first cycle or jump backwards). If you use markers you are protecting only the marked critical code.


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