Virtualize markers

DotFix NiceProtect supports virtualiize markers for morphing and virtualization 32 bit functions. To use this features please look at SDK folder for includes and some examples. Generally, the function marking for protection has the next form:



  your code;



  #include "niceprotect.h"


  your code;



  Call VarPtr("$$protect_start$$")

  your code

  Call VarPtr("$$protect_end$$")

Markers usage samples are placed in the SDK\Examples direstory.

NiceProtect search and virtualize markers automatically just after you have pressed the Start button. You don't need to enable additional options to do this.

Please note: error handlers (try ... except ... finally blocks, SEH frames, etc) and switch-case statements can't be protected using markers. Also markers will works incorrectly if some of your code jumps to the protected code, because virtualized parts placed to secure section and original code filled with garbage code.