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Version 7.2 is released

- Add: Additional 64 bit virtual machine commands (x64)
- Add: Completely tested in Windows 11 22H2 2023-06
- BugFix: Drag and drop files in a Dark Theme
- BugFix: "$ER is not a valid integer value" during protection (x64)
- BugFix: Changing stack pointer for morphed relocations (x64)


Version 7.1 is released

- Delphi x68/64, Free Pascal x86/64 and Visual Basic x86 obfuscation is
  highly improved. Added a lot of new decompilation features from our
  decompilation solutions.
- Support additional x86 commends for morphing
- Optimized speed of searching protection markers
- Compatibility fix with Chinese Windows locale (different processing
  non-unicode chars)
- A lot of code refactored for better performance


Version 7.0 is released

- New Dark Theme and themes selection. Different code highlighting
  in a disassembler for light and dark themes. A lot of controls
  and code refactored and rewritten to support this
- Redrawn 20+ icons to support smooth transparent rendering in a
  Dark Theme
- Search and Highlight for any keyword under the cursor in disassembler.
  Just click on any operand, register or variable name and NiceProtect
  highlight all same names in a whole code list
- Compatibility fix for MS SignTool for code signing some 32 bit
  protected files


Version 6.9 is released

- Support additional features for Lazarus FreePascal MAP files
- File information is more readable and with new additional fields
  (Relocation table, TLS table)
- Usage custom processing for Embarcadero C++ Builder compiled files
- Support long prototypes for C++ Builder functions in MAP files
- BugFix: Documentation part about MAP file in C++ Builder fixed
- BugFix: Processing incorrect Visual Basic internal tables
- BugFix: Processing incorrect section indexes in MAP files
- BugFix: Pack section with the export table (C++ Builder x64)
- BugFix: Work x64 protected files in Windows 11
- BugFix: Incorrect relocation in some jump opcodes


DotFix Taggant Analyzer

We developed a free and small IEEE Taggant Analyzer tool.
Using this tool you can check any EXE/DLL/OCX file for internal IEEE Taggant Code Signing Certificates.
This certificates used by software packers and software protection platforms and confirm that binary files is clean and safe and add trust point for internet security and anivirus software.


Version 6.8 is released

- 64 bit support. Relocations, TLS Callbacks, Exception Tables
  and protection with MAP files is already supported. Supported MAP
  files from a lot of popular compilers.
  Markers is comming soon.
- Obfuscation improvements for Delphi 32 and 64 bit, C++ Builder 32 bit   and FreePascal Lazarus 32 and 64 bit applications.
- New articles in documentation:
  MAP file - what is it?
  Delphi / C++ Builder MAP file
  Visual Studio MAP file
  Visual Basic 6.0 MAP file
- New packing engine is now supports compressing of
  Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 files
- Completely recompiling import table and import address table
  with recovery of original links to IAT
- "Find next" button at functions list in a Code Protection dialog
- Check the entropy to disable some features for passible packed files
- Protect 'DVCLAL' and 'PACKAGEINFO' resources for Delphi
  and C++ Builder applications
- Show real names for Delphi/C++ Builder forms during obfuscation
- Disable toolbar Protect and Start buttons during protection
- BugFix: Correctly process Tls AddressOfIndex with link to section
  without offset in a file

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