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Version 7.5 is released

- NiceProtect' user interface has been significantly updated.
  Redrawn from scratch 52 icons for the menu, toolbar, and various
  tabs for light and dark theme. Also we've revamped the Splash screen
  of the software. Hopefully, this will simplify interaction with the
  product and make working with it more comfortable and enjoyable.
- Documentation has been completely rewritten and updated. New sections
  have been added, while many old ones have been entirely rewritten
  from scratch. We hope that this will help and streamline your work
  with the product.
- Compatibility of the obfuscator has been improved for Delphi and
  Free Pascal programs. Support for obfuscating "Before" and "After"
  events on form objects has been added.
- Service for checking updates (optional) has been added, which will
  help you always have the latest version of the product
- An note has been added upon starting protection
- Fixed Drag and Drop functionality upon changing the color theme


Version 7.4 is released

- Improved compiler to 64bit Virtual Machine
- Shows compiler full version for Delphi 11+ 32/64 bit compiled files
- Additional detection for x64 Delphi applications
- Fixes in entry point protection for Delphi 12 compiled files
- Fixes in 64 bit virtualizing "mov reg32, value"


Version 7.3 is released

- Completely tested in Windows 11 22H2 2023-11
- Rewritten most parts of the documentation
- Compatibility with new IEEE Taggant certificates
- Minor changes in EULA


Version 7.2 is released

- Add: Additional 64 bit virtual machine commands (x64)
- Add: Completely tested in Windows 11 22H2 2023-06
- BugFix: Drag and drop files in a Dark Theme
- BugFix: "$ER is not a valid integer value" during protection (x64)
- BugFix: Changing stack pointer for morphed relocations (x64)


Version 7.1 is released

- Delphi x68/64, Free Pascal x86/64 and Visual Basic x86 obfuscation is
  highly improved. Added a lot of new decompilation features from our
  decompilation solutions.
- Support additional x86 commends for morphing
- Optimized speed of searching protection markers
- Compatibility fix with Chinese Windows locale (different processing
  non-unicode chars)
- A lot of code refactored for better performance


Version 7.0 is released

- New Dark Theme and themes selection. Different code highlighting
  in a disassembler for light and dark themes. A lot of controls
  and code refactored and rewritten to support this
- Redrawn 20+ icons to support smooth transparent rendering in a
  Dark Theme
- Search and Highlight for any keyword under the cursor in disassembler.
  Just click on any operand, register or variable name and NiceProtect
  highlight all same names in a whole code list
- Compatibility fix for MS SignTool for code signing some 32 bit
  protected files

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