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Version 6.4 is released

- Increased processing speed of protection markers. Also this operation now needs less memory.
- Open files with fake Visual Basic signature (with pointer to out of file)
- Decode TimeDateStamp in File Information
- BugFix: Delphi obfuscation if one class has two entries with same name
- BugFix: Processing of some forms in Visual Basic obfuscator


Version 6.3 is released

- Show disassembler by clicking on any virtual address in Protection Log window.
  You can analyze the code into protection markers.
- Show error message while opening incorrect or corrupted files
- Show addresses of IAT and Exceptions table in File Information
- Support for large files (>150Mb)
- Check for Taggant certificate and Disable Taggant settings if certificate is
  not found
- Show count of selected functions in MAP file. Click on this jumps to the first
  selected function
- BugFix: Show virtualized code for files with relocations
- BugFix: Virtualizing startup code of DLL and OCX files


IEEE Standards Association informed us, what IEEE Taggant System, a component of the IEEE Anti-Malware Support Service (AMSS), will shut down on 31 July 2018. It means, what IEEE Taggant certificates can't be issued after this date.

A lot of virus-protection software already supports the Taggant. We hope this support will not stopped, because taggant-checking code no need to modify, but helps marking clean and safe files. But timestamp servers will stop working. Just uncheck timestamping in DotFix NiceProtect options if you're using the latest version.


Version 6.2 is released

- Support a lot of VB5/6 forms, what incompatible with previous version of VB Obfuscator
- Support for DLL and OCX files via Command line (if project is not created)


Version 6.1 is released

- Add: Taggant library v2
- Add: New IEEE Taggant SHA256 Timestamp server
- Add: Options to enable taggant, timestamping and change Timestamp server
- BugFix: Protecting some classes with FreePascal obfuscator
- BugFix: Cleaning "Events to protect" list after opening the new file (Delphi RTTI obfuscator)
- BugFix: Minor fixes


Version 6.0 is released

- Add: Support protection of DLL libraries
- Add: Support for the relocations in EXE and DLL files
- Add: Support for the TLS CallBacks
- Add: Obfuscator for Free Pascal / Lazarus
- Add: Redirect all TLS data and callbacks with support of relocations
  and starting callbacks before main code
- Add: "Exit" from menu "File" ask for the saving project if it's not saved
- Add: Create new project after drag'n'drop new file
- Add: Show default icon for EXE/DLL files without any icons in resources
- Add: Delphi and VB6 obfuscation and protection improved
- Add: Menu "Copy" and "Select All" in a disassembler
- Add: Show names from MAP file in a disassembler
- Add: Improved searching end of function in a disassembler
- Add: Demangler for the Delphi functions in a MAP file
- Add: Demangler for the C++ functions in a MAP file
- Add: Demangler for the Free Pascal / Lazarus functions in a MAP file
- Add: New code highlighter in a disassembler
- Add: Parser for gcc/mingw map file (very useful for QT developed apps)
- Add: Parser for Free Pascal / Lazarus map file
- Add: Packing engine is completely rewritten and now supports
  EXE, DLL and ActiveX DLL files
- BugFix: Protect marked code in a Visual Basic 6.0 applications if it less than 23 bytes
- BugFix: Processing TLS on some Delphi compiled files
- BugFix: VB obfuscator replace some already replaced names
- BugFix: C++ Builder obfuscation on some files
- BugFix: Delphi obfuscator x64 support

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