DotFix NiceProtect News


Version 6.2 is released

- Support a lot of VB5/6 forms, what incompatible with previous version of VB Obfuscator
- Support for DLL and OCX files via Command line (if project is not created)


Version 6.1 is released

- Add: Taggant library v2
- Add: New IEEE Taggant SHA256 Timestamp server
- Add: Options to enable taggant, timestamping and change Timestamp server
- BugFix: Protecting some classes with FreePascal obfuscator
- BugFix: Cleaning "Events to protect" list after opening the new file (Delphi RTTI obfuscator)
- BugFix: Minor fixes


Version 6.0 is released

- Add: Support protection of DLL libraries
- Add: Support for the relocations in EXE and DLL files
- Add: Support for the TLS CallBacks
- Add: Obfuscator for Free Pascal / Lazarus
- Add: Redirect all TLS data and callbacks with support of relocations
  and starting callbacks before main code
- Add: "Exit" from menu "File" ask for the saving project if it's not saved
- Add: Create new project after drag'n'drop new file
- Add: Show default icon for EXE/DLL files without any icons in resources
- Add: Delphi and VB6 obfuscation and protection improved
- Add: Menu "Copy" and "Select All" in a disassembler
- Add: Show names from MAP file in a disassembler
- Add: Improved searching end of function in a disassembler
- Add: Demangler for the Delphi functions in a MAP file
- Add: Demangler for the C++ functions in a MAP file
- Add: Demangler for the Free Pascal / Lazarus functions in a MAP file
- Add: New code highlighter in a disassembler
- Add: Parser for gcc/mingw map file (very useful for QT developed apps)
- Add: Parser for Free Pascal / Lazarus map file
- Add: Packing engine is completely rewritten and now supports
  EXE, DLL and ActiveX DLL files
- BugFix: Protect marked code in a Visual Basic 6.0 applications if it less than 23 bytes
- BugFix: Processing TLS on some Delphi compiled files
- BugFix: VB obfuscator replace some already replaced names
- BugFix: C++ Builder obfuscation on some files
- BugFix: Delphi obfuscator x64 support

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