DotFix NiceProtect News


Version 6.8 is released

- 64 bit support. Relocations, TLS Callbacks, Exception Tables
  and protection with MAP files is already supported. Supported MAP
  files from a lot of popular compilers.
  Markers is comming soon.
- Obfuscation improvements for Delphi 32 and 64 bit, C++ Builder 32 bit   and FreePascal Lazarus 32 and 64 bit applications.
- New articles in documentation:
  MAP file - what is it?
  Delphi / C++ Builder MAP file
  Visual Studio MAP file
  Visual Basic 6.0 MAP file
- New packing engine is now supports compressing of
  Visual Basic 5.0 and 6.0 files
- Completely recompiling import table and import address table
  with recovery of original links to IAT
- "Find next" button at functions list in a Code Protection dialog
- Check the entropy to disable some features for passible packed files
- Protect 'DVCLAL' and 'PACKAGEINFO' resources for Delphi
  and C++ Builder applications
- Show real names for Delphi/C++ Builder forms during obfuscation
- Disable toolbar Protect and Start buttons during protection
- BugFix: Correctly process Tls AddressOfIndex with link to section
  without offset in a file


Version 6.7 is released

- Improvements and optimizations in a packing engine
- Compression ratio is increased for old compression engine
- BugFix: DLL/OCX loader on multithread files


Version 6.6 is released

- Selection between old and new compression engine. Old compression engine
  used in v5.x and older and better support Visual Basic 6.0 EXE files. New compression
  engine contain a lot of new features and recommended for all other files. Old engine
  is not support relocations and can be used only for EXE files.
  DEMO version supports only old protection engine.
- Old compression engine partially refactored, fixed known issues and added support
  for changes in latest builds of Windows 10.


Version 6.5 is released

- Support files with zero address and zero length of first section
- Perfect memory optimizations during creating unique protection engine
parts for protected file. Now protection platform use less ram during protect the files
- Show help button with link to topic for Code protection tab if MAP file is not found
- Context help by pressing F1 or clicking Help button on toolbar
- BugFix: Fixes and improvements


Version 6.4 is released

- Increased processing speed of protection markers. Also this operation now needs less memory.
- Open files with fake Visual Basic signature (with pointer to out of file)
- Decode TimeDateStamp in File Information
- BugFix: Delphi obfuscation if one class has two entries with same name
- BugFix: Processing of some forms in Visual Basic obfuscator

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