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Quick Start

If you do not wish to learn about all protection peculiarities, just open the program in the protector and read these short step-by-step instructions:

DotFix NiceProtect Open File

Then, leave the default options except the packing option. Here you should choose whether the program will be packed to reduce its size after it is protected or whether a signature will be added to the program in order to deceive file analyzers. In general, we recommend that you pack programs.

DotFix NiceProtect Options

Leave the "Use startup message" checkbox selected if you want your program to display a message when it is started next time. Otherwise you can clear the checkbox. The message can contain the following text (if you protect the DEMO version):

You are using the DEMO version of the program.
This version has a lot of limitations.
If you want to disable these limitations, you should purchase the program.
To do it, visit our site at

You can specify this message in the Custom Messages section.

Startup message:

DotFix NiceProtect add Startup Message to application

This message is quite efficient. Each time your program is started, the user will think about purchasing this program and he will probably become your customer soon. After all these simple operations you will have to go to the Protect tab and click the Start button. Thus, your program will be processed and you will see some information about the protection process:

DotFix NiceProtect Protect application against cracking

So, we have protected your program! Simple, isn't it?

PS: For more powerfull software protection is strongly recomended to use virtualization markers in critical code of your software. Also we recomend to select all critical functions at Code Protection tab for virtualization by DotFix NiceProtect engine.


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