Custom messages

  • Use anti-debug protection

Detects a running debugger in the system and, if it is active, it displays the message that you can specify in the Custom Messages section or exits the program:

DotFix NiceProtect Anti-debug Message

  • Use startup message

Leave the Use startup message checkbox selected if you want your program to display some message at startup. Otherwise it is better to clear the checkbox. The message can have the following text (if you are protecting the DEMO version):

You are using a feature-limited DEMO version of the program.
Purchase a license and enjoy it without limitations!
To do it, please visit our site at

You can specify this message in the Custom Messages section:


DotFix NiceProtect Startup Message

This message is quite efficient. Each time your program is started, the user will think about purchasing this program and he will probably become your customer soon.