Imagine a situation: you write the program, try, waste time, nerves, forces, and sometimes even money, in hope to receive profit. You spread the program in the Internet. And what happens? In couple of days you see the program cracked, laying in an easy approach on any warez site. It's very sad picture, isn't that so? 

We also consider so and we wish to protect your work. By means of our NiceProtect you can reliably protect the program from breaking. NiceProtect is external protection. It doesn't demand any changes in a code of the program, long efforts for installation. Simply wrap your EXE-file and it is ready. Any problems. Any fear. 

As we already have said NiceProtect doesn't demand changes in a program code. You wount see these, so bothered, lines of a protector in the code. You ask: is it reliably simply to wrap up the PE-file? Yes, we will answer! If you use a built-in code of a protector the hacker can decompile the program and remove a registration part, then by the protection of your programs by means of NiceProtect, the situation looks much better: the hacker can't find a point of an input of the program, mechanisms of polymorphism and metamorphism, virtualization of the code, will reliably protect your work. And even the hacker could reach the program, it will be very difficult for him to find the part which is responsible for registration. 

NiceProtect applies the mechanism of obfuscation (renaming of forms, controls, events etc.) and of virtualization. Obfuscation supported for Delphi, Free Pascal (Lazarus) and Visual Basic applications. For example, you have the name of the form into which the key was entered to the program - TrialForm. After the job of NiceProtect it will be called somehow QEDHKFE1 (it's simply an example, the name will differ!), that will complicate breaking process! You have a possibility to instal in the program text special markers which compulsorily allows to virtualize the code. 

But also it yet all! You think that the program will becomes larger in volume? You are mistaken! Probably it will decrease. NiceProtect it not only a reliable protector, but also the archiver! So, a choice for you! NiceProtect, You develop, We protect!


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