DotFix NiceProtect Supports IEEE Taggant

Starting from version 5.0, NiceProtect includes the cutting-edge technology of IEEE Software Taggant System to protect your files from some part of false positives caused by antiviruses. This system is based on signing each protected file with a SHA certificate from the IEEE certification server that has timestamping. The certificate consists of three parts: the IEEE root certificate, DotFix Software's certificate issued by IEEE, and the protection user's certificate issued by DotFix Software.

DotFix NiceProtect IEEE Taggant

This certificate is quite similar to a Code Signing Certificate; however, its application area differs slightly. Many antivirus products already support such certificates, as do services like, which significantly reduces the likelihood of false positives. We were one of several companies that contributed to the development and implementation of the IEEE Taggant system, and we possess considerable experience in using it.

DotFix NiceProtect Checking Taggant on VirusTotal website


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