Visual Basic 6.0 MAP file

Visual Basic 6.0 is a bit more complicated. Despite the fact that the IDE does not support the creation of a MAP file, we have several options for how to do this using VB6 linker. At first, you can use one of many 3rd party AddIns to control the compilation process and change the command line. But we offer the easiest way. Just download this archive, go to the folder with Visual Basic 6.0 installed, usually it is "C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\VB98", rename the original LINK.EXE to LINK1.EXE, and unpack our LINK.EXE from the archive to this folder. Source code is also included. This wrapper only change the command line from the VB6 to the linker to make needed MAP file.

Visual Basic 6.0 MAP file

After this replacement, every time you compile EXE/DLL/OCX files, a MAP file will be created in the same folder and automatically picked up in DotFix NiceProtect.
Keep in mind that protecting a code with a MAP file only supports VB5/6 programs compiled in Native Code.

Visual Basic 6.0 compile application to the Native Code

This file is necessary only at the stage of protection. It does NOT need to be included in the distribution package of the program.