Strings and variables

set <value>, <accumulator> - copy value to variable accumulator
add <value 1>,<value 2>, <accumulator>
sub <value 1>,<value 2>, <accumulator>
mul <value 1>,<value 2>, <accumulator>
div <value 1>,<value 2>, <accumulator>
concat <value 1>,<value 2>, <accumulator>
chrtohex <char>, <accumulator> - convert char to HEX
hextochr <hex>, <accumulator> - convert HEX to char
substr <string>, <start>, <lenght>, <accumulator>
length <string>, <accumulator> - get string length
createstring <char>, <length>, <accumulator> - create string of some char
rndbyte <maximum value> - get random value
settoclipboard <text> - move text to clipboard


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