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- Marcus

I bought your product but my customers are complaining that my application is now with virus.

For example Sophos is reporting virus warning.

Can you tell me what I can do to avoid this?

Thank you,
Message # 15
- DotFix Software: I test 10 samples using and Sophos is not find virus. May be your software use some virus algorithms or Sophos has some false alarm. Please contact with Sophos by:
- Marcus
Do you provide money back in case that application protected with DotFix Nice Protect is broken ;)?
Message # 14
- DotFix Software: No. And I don't know any software protection vendors, who do it.
- Nik
What about x64 support?
Message # 13
- DotFix Software: This is only future plans
- MarcD
While testing, i discovered that if i pack the application from my athlon XP machine, it doesnt work on my intel pentium 4 machine. It just pops me the "Windows has encountered an error and needs to close".

Any inputs on this ?
Message # 12
- DotFix Software: Thank you for this reply. I test new version of DotFix NiceProtect on AMD and Intel processors and it works fine.
- Ambrose
During the installation of 'DotFix NiceProtect# my AntiVir ( told me also, that the DotFix NiceProtect.DLL include a heuristic virus-signature. Therefore i can not install it complete.
Message # 11
- DotFix Software: Official answer from Avira GmbH:

Dear Sir or Madam,

Thank you for your recent inquiry.

We could not find a virus in the attachment you have sent us. This is
a false positive. We will take out the pattern recognition in one of
our next updates

We thank you for your assistance.
- Stohrer I.
Do you plan also a GERMAN GUI for Niceprotect? Can we hope of it?
Message # 10
- DotFix Software: We only planning German help file in future version of DotFix NiceProtect
- Arthur
Why does avast antivirus alert me about trojan in your product as in any application protected by your product ?
Message # 9
- DotFix Software: Thank you for this post.
I send mails to Avira AntiVir and Avast about this False Alarm.
PS: our protector don't have any virus
- s134k
can I decrypt a file protected with DotFix Niceprotect? and if so how would I do it?

thanks in advance.
Message # 8
- DotFix Software: Sorry, decrypting function is not support, because polymorphic and metamorphic algorithm of NiceProtect is too strong to analyze.
- edison
protect aplication write visual fox pro thanks
Message # 7
- DotFix Software: Sorry, FoxPro applications is not supported now
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