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Files and folders

delfile <filename>
copyfile <filename from>, <filename to>
addlog <filename>, <string> - add string to log file
shell <filename> - launch EXE file
putcode <offset>, <HEX_Stub>
getcode <offset>, <length>, <accumulator>
getfile <accumulator> - get file content to accumulator
getfilelength <accumulator> - get file length to accumulator
getoem <accumulator> - get OEM Info from dos_header
setoem <text> - set OEM Info to dos_header
getoep <accumulator> - get program entry point
setoep <hex string> - set program entry point
createsection <name>, <size>, accumulator (file offset)>, accumulator (virtual address)>
setflag <hex string> - set flag to all sections
invert <hex string (8 bytes)>, <accumulator> - invert bytes (need for creating push's, call's and other. 00401011 will bee converted to 11104000
getimagebase <accumulator>
xorcode <offset>, <length>, <accumulator> - xor <length> bytes from <offset> and copy decoder's code to accumulator
createpath <path> - create directory tree


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