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- Ahmed emad
Hello, I have vb6 program to be protected, I don't have money to purchase dotfix program, therefore can I publish my program using the protection made by the evaluation copy of dotfix??
Message # 24
- hhh
Do you plan support of x64 executable files?
Message # 23
- djoko putranto
I tried your dotfix niceprotect latest version trial.exe but failed.The leftside of the main menu is nothing /blank
Message # 22
- djokoputranto
I tried your dotfix niceprotect latest version trial.exe but failed.The leftside of the imainenu is nothing
Message # 21
- hell-machines-inc
i TRY TO BUY U programs Thru PayPal But The Payment Wont Go
Message # 20
- DotFix Software: Sorry, but at this time our reseller (PayPro Global) is not support PayPal. May be this payment method will be added in future
- alexej
Has niceprotect anti-memory patching feature?
Message # 19
- DotFix Software: No, NiceProtect is not contain internal self debugger.
- Arthur
is it possible to protect DLL, not EXE file? this DLL file is a plugin for some product. are there any recommendations to don't protect some exportable functions or something else?
Message # 18
- DotFix Software: DotFix NiceProtect is not support DLL files protection. We plan to add only packing DLL files.
- Daniel
I did and no reply so far concerning my issue with FakeSigner.
Message # 17
- DotFix Software: Your server blocks our mail with:

SMTP error from remote mail server after end of data:

My answer here:

> a month ago I sent you an EXE that I had tried to protect with DotFix
> FakeSigner and it failed after executing (EXE generated with Tanida
> QuizBuilder).

May be this builder add overlays to EXE. FakeSigner is not support overlays. Try to use NiceProtect v3.5

> My second question is concerning further development of this program as the
> v3.5 seems to be on web for a long time (a year or even longer)

Now I only work on NiceProtect. This project is based on FakeSigner.
- Daniel
I have contacted you several times concerning some strange bug that does not allow me to use this protection scheme and no reply so far. I even sent you an email with attchm of the file not protected and similarly no reply. I would like to buy FakeSigner but I cannot when nobody tries to solve the issue.
Message # 16
- DotFix Software: May be your anti-spam email filters block mails from us. Please try to add our mail to white list and resend us your mail.
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