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- dimaka
What kind of applications are possible to be defended with your protection? For example, is it possible to protect my .NET application?
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Message # 5
- DotFix Software: Our protector support Asm, Visual C++, Delphi, C++ Builder and VB5/6 files. Sorry .NET is not support
- Pink Elephant
what does nice said about using his nick in da name of ur protector? :D
Message # 4
- DotFix Software: "Nice" is only word in English language, and this word can't have any copyrights to use. For you "Nice" is nickname, but for all people this is only nice word :)
- Sh[AHT]
Does your protector mangle import table? Has it anti-dump features?
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Message # 3
- DotFix Software: Yes, protector has some cool antidump and Import table protection techs.
- Overlord
Hi! Such question - when it will be possible to see the first version of a protector? In the summer 2006 - very indistinct date :)
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Message # 2
- DotFix Software: May be at july, 2006
- GPcH
If you have any questions, please ask it on this board
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